Wedding Cake: Liontree Farms and Fox Hollow Flora

Wedding Cake: Liontree Farms and Fox Hollow Flora

“Let them eat cake!”

This is a tale of two Wedding Cakes: two distinct cultivars from Liontree and Fox Hollow Flora contend for the same title, each taking a slightly different slant on the idea of a party. I tried them both to get a better idea, you know, “for science.”

The first one I tried, often called Original Wedding Cake or Pink Cookies, heralds from OG Kush and Durban Poison grandmothers. Grown by Liontree Farms, this sungrown flower seduces with a distinct vanilla frosting/cookie dough scent. The taste was earthy with a touch of sweetness. Beta-caryophyllene leads the terpene ensemble lending a CBD-like quality to the experience. I tried this chemovar three times; late evening, mid-day, and morning, and found a consistent sense of well-being, patience and serenity. Most notably, it seemed to put wings on my heart and had a gentle settled-in quality. Overall, the experience was delightful and relaxed.

The second Wedding Cake has a sweeter, slightly perfumey nose. Grown by Fox Hollow Flora, this lovely bud is a cross of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints and smells slightly of grape and candy. In my dry-herb vaporizer it led with a sweet berry note which lingered most of the sessions. My body felt buzzy while a softer sense of the space wrapped around me. The air felt cooler. I could certainly imagine this flower getting me out on a dance floor. Again we have a slightly spicy beta-caryophyllene lead, but this time with a nuance of invigorating pinene sharpening the senses. Evening, late morning, and afternoon, each time I tried it, it played out with an appropriate wakefulness.

Where the first Wedding Cake delivered a consistent sense of serenity and float, the second Cake had my feet on the ground, and I was more focused and active. Both, I imagine, could lead to giggling and jovial time among friends. Despite their differences, both are worth the celebration, and luckily we can all get along over cake.