Scissortail Farms: A Few Choice Strains, Done Right

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Scissortail Farms: A Few Choice Strains, Done Right

From the beginning Scissortail Farms has been about craft consistency.  Founders Teran Wilson and Andrew Clinton grew up together in the state of Oklahoma, going as far back as elementary school. After making separate decisions to emigrate to Oregon the pair reconnected in Portland and at the cusp of legalization decided to go into business together to bring their vision of cannabis cultivation to life in the Oregon market.  As a tribute to their shared history, they named their operation in honor of their homestate bird: the Scissortailed Flycatcher. 

Having been exposed to cannabis cultivation already, the pair was eager and made sure they were on the leading edge of having their business license-ready after Oregon’s recreational measure passed in 2014. In fact, they were the first grower in the city of Portland to be granted a commercial recreational growers license by the OLCC!

Contrary to the ethos of much of the cannabis industry, Clinton and Wilson see the value in maintaining a smaller, more focused pool of “juicy, mood elevating” cannabis genetics, trading variety for a more intimate knowledge of each chosen strain’s growing habits and preferences. They refine their particular, hands on growing practices harvest after harvest and tailor their house-crafted, sustainable ferments and inputs to the likes and dislikes of each varietal. This fine tuning and focus ultimately yields them extreme consistency in their end product and has created a business-smart reliability that has yet to be matched in the local market.

As one example, Scissortail Farm’s Super Silver Haze is the most regular, consistently available flower to be found on the shelves at Farma. The flower we receive is regular in its effects, consistently beautiful from batch to batch, and time and again appears in a predictable THC range and scent profile. On top of this they use their knowledge of each variety’s growth cycle to provide accurate predictions of their likely yield and when that next crop should be available for stores—we are rarely caught ‘between’ supplies of Scissortail’s flower. Though this is obviously important from a business perspective, in an industry where consumers are looking to repeat something intangible about an experience they enjoyed last week this consistency is invaluable and will be a defining factor of successful farms as this industry matures.