Jelena Grove Covers Suppository Science for Project CBD

Jelena Grove Covers Suppository Science for Project CBD

Historically, the “back door” has been used to deliver relief to patients who struggled to swallow medications– namely cancer patients with severe nausea, and those with compromised esophageal or gastrointestinal tracts. As access to quality cannabis products grows and people look to this pharmaceutical powerhouse as a real treatment option, we’ve seen a resurgence of interest in suppository medicine from people with wide-ranging concerns and symptoms – from enhancing intimate moments to treating severe pain and inflammation.

But do cannabis suppositories work? Farma’s own Jelena Grove gives us the low-down on what’s up with rectal and vaginal delivery in this comprehensive piece published with Project CBD. Click here to read the full article.


Andrea Sparr-Jaswa

Andrea Sparr-Jaswa is an honorary Farma alumnus and former Director of Education. She is currently the Science Editor at GIE Media in Cleveland, Ohio.