Habu Health Needs You!

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Habu Health Needs You!

Farma has a crush on Dr. Adie Poe, and not just because she’s a rockstar neuroscientist pioneering research on the interaction between cannabinoids and opioids (although that would be reason enough). Dr. Poe’s work on pain and the opioid crisis led her to question the lack of rigorous scientific data about cannabis’ interaction with the human body. In an attempt to fill that knowledge gap, Dr. Poe and her partner, Poe, are launching an app called Habu Health to track how and why people are using cannabis, and they’re partnering with us to do it.

Habu Health aims to provide a systematic study of cannabis’ anecdotal effects on human cannabis users. Their app will be completely anonymous and will ask basic questions about cannabis use: whether users are using cannabis recreationally, or to treat medical conditions; which strains they have found effective; and which growers grew those strains. The strain and grower information will allow Habu to analyze the lab results of specific strains, which will then be used to correlate specific constellations of cannabinoids and terpenes with their medicinal and recreational applications.

You can check out their website for more information, and to sign up for the app! Anyone interested in learning more about their project is invited to chat with Dr. Adie Poe at Farma on August 22 from 5:00-8:00 p.m. 


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