Gnome Grown Organics

Gnome Grown Organics

This weed feels a little bit like magic. It’s the enchanting result of a harmonious environment and local spring water, the help of protective greenhouses and homemade inputs, and a lot of love from humans and critters alike.

The good people over at Gnome Grown Organics are dedicated to channeling the energy of a happy ecosystem to produce healthy, naturally fortified soil, quality nutrients, and world-class flower.

Let’s take a closer look at one of Farma’s favorite farms.


The magic happens in climate-controlled, light-assisted greenhouses which are nestled in a biodiverse 30-acre plot of land near Oregon City. The property features a mature forest, fruit orchards, meadows, wetlands, and a year-round spring creek that waters the entire ecosystem in a closed-loop. With all this environmental diversity, GGO is able to harvest a veritable cornucopia of biomass to produce their own nutrients and unique living soil recipe.


The Gnome team has decades of combined experience with cannabis cultivation. They show that human energy can be good for the environment, by lending deep care and affection in a symbiotic relationship that benefits the whole habitat.

Founder and grow master Dan McAllister originally started Gnome Grown as an indoor medical cannabis garden. He was inspired to build his own living soil and maintain it by helping diverse biological communities thrive in the area. The recipe is always evolving, and it feeds the high quality, resinous cannabis that medical patients have come to love– including the earliest patrons of Farma.

In early 2016, Dan was introduced to Chris Meyn, business entrepreneur and creative director. They shared a common vision to build a foundation for the farm in the Oregon recreational market. Dan and Chris eventually joined up with Dan’s wife Lynn and two of Chris’s cousins, and the dream team built the beautiful, sustainable facility that Gnome Grown is today.


Environment Control

This cultivator uses light-assisted greenhouses to achieve the best of both indoor and outdoor growing practices: natural energy from the sun and protection from the elements by custom greenhouse infrastructure. They also employ a state-of-the-art indoor LED room for good measure. This set-up gives them control over critical environmental factors like temperature and humidity, which helps to ward off pests and harmful pathogens like mold and mildew– without needing any pesticides.


Gnome Grown’s reputation precedes them; from top to bottom, their growing practices are the gold standard for clean, ethical farming. Using pristine local spring water, a closed-loop irrigation system, and above-and-beyond-organic growing practices, they’re able to harness the energy of the land and minimize their carbon footprint.

A key part of the Gnome modus operandi is transparency: they have an open-door policy for their vendors and regularly host educational tours at their fairy-tale property. They’ve even hosted the Farma fam!

Homemade Everything

“Using indigenous macro and microbiology allows for a healthy relationship between soil, plant, and human.”

GGO uses organic living soil to feed their plants, using their own unique recipe sourced from biomass from the property. What’s more, they don’t use any bottled nutrients– not even ones labeled as “organic.” Instead, they feed their living soil with nutrients from fruits and plants grown, foraged, and fermented right there on the farm.


Flower- Ridiculously tasty terpene profiles, beautifully cured and beloved by Farma staff and customers alike. Cultivars like Zkittlez, Goji OG, and Durban Poison are near-constant staples in the store’s case.

Concentrates- Keep an eye out for Gnome Grown’s concentrate collaboration with craft extractor Willamette Valley Alchemy. You won’t want to pass up the Goji OG diamonds (which are essentially THCA crystals marinated in concentrated terpene sauce)– no matter what dispensary you’re in.