Farma meets with leading authority on cannabis research

Please meet LumírOndřej Hanuš. He is a Czech analytic chemist and leading authority in the field of cannabis research. In 1992, he and William Anthony Devane isolated and first described the structure of anandamide, an endogenous cannabinoid neurotransmitter. -wiki
Many people are not aware of the rich medical cannabis tradition in what is the former Czech Republic. For hundreds of years Cannabis has been used by doctors in concentrated forms as medicine for a variety of conditions. Lumír is a part of an a serious body of researchers who have produced many insights into understanding the compounds in cannabis. In fact, even before Mechoulam had published his formation of THC, and long before his ability to describe the structure of CBD, Professor Śantavaÿ, Lumír’s professor, published this paper in 1964 about the primary cannabinoids.   However, geopolitics have had an effect on the ability to disseminate science. The Russians did not appreciate much of the science coming into the hands of the rest of the world. This and other factors probably left many other important discoveries and science in isolated places. It is amazing to unearth some of them now. In addition to elucidating future directions. Oregon chemists: we need flavonoids to start being measured! There are A LOT more compounds in Cannabis than we knew. We must measure them.
Lumir is one of the most brilliant scientists I have ever had the joy of meeting. Equally important, he is one of the most sincere and inspiring people I’ve ever met. Caring little for fame or recognition, he continues working on new and complex compounds in cannabis and the endo cannabinoids system with a great passion daily. I’ve learned much from him and look forward to one day being able to host him in Portland so he can present his work to our community.


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