Budtender Bios: Audreal

Budtender Bios: Audreal

She’s one of Farma’s newest faces; with perfect pitch, a giant heart and a personality that inspires everyone else in the room to be better. Meet Audreal.

She’s a multimedia maven with a knack for people and gadgets. You’d recognize her voice and her smile anywhere – unless you haven’t shopped at Farma or listened to her latest single, that is. You also may have seen this up-and-coming artist on your Spotify or IG discovery feed once or twice. But music is just her side project (for now).

Before becoming an allstar budtender at Farma, Audreal spent years honing her connoisseur skills in the coffee world. Luckily for us, she brought her sensory wisdom and infectious energy along with her. She’s wicked smart, creative, and one of the most emotionally mature people you’ll ever meet.

You can follow Aud on IG here (@she_is_aud), on Spotify here, or on Apple Music here.

For inquiries: Audrealgillettmusic@gmail.com

Q: What do you do at Farma? (any special role?)
A: I’m just a regular ol’ budtender.

Q: What did you do before getting into the cannabis industry?
A: I worked in the coffee industry for about 10 years: everything from Starbucks to fancy third-wave coffee slanging. I wanted to make coffee my career, but later on I realized I wasn’t passionate about it anymore. Thus, leading to a career change.

Q: What made you want to get into the cannabis industry?
A: I’ve always been a bit of a “stoner” and had since dreamed of working in the industry, just never thought I’d be qualified to do so, since I had only ever worked in coffee. I quickly learned that cannabis education was being implemented more now than ever in the industry, and I wanted to be a part of it.

Q: What’s so special about Farma?
A: First and foremost it’s the people— my coworkers.
And then it’s the education program and the customers.

Q: How do you spend your free time?
A: I’m a musician, so I play guitar/sing. I also produce all my own music. I like reading and spending time outside as much as possible. And, of course, can’t forget about drinking coffee and play at the casino.

Q: What’s your favorite way to consume cannabis?
A: I like smoking joints!

Q: What are some of your favorite things to do while high?
A: I love working on my music when I’m high. I just get into this flow-like zone where I can just work for hours on end. Writing music is another thing I like to do after I imbibe – you just get in the groove.

Q: Favorite terpenes?
A: I like linalool for its anti anxiety/calming effects, myrcene for the nice body high and a limonene+pinene combo for its bright, euphoric effect. Plus, it sometimes helps me with headaches.

Q: Favorite cannabis type (I, II, III)? Favorite ratio?
A: I love a good 2:1 (CBD:THC) ratio, which would technically fall under the Type II category.

Q: Favorite non-flower product (and why)?
A: The peach-flavored 2:1 Wyld gummies are my favorite. They give me a nice calm vibe without any social anxiety issues – subtle and effective.

Q: Describe a favorite memory of using cannabis.
A: Probably when I smoked it in the Redwood Forest in Humboldt, CA. There’s nothing like smoking something that comes from the earth while immersed in nature.

Q: What is a popular misconception about cannabis that you can mythbust?
A: That all weed is the same in terms of effects. Different types of cannabis can affect people differently, and there’s a lot more to the picture than just THC numbers.

Q: What do you think is the most important skill a budtender can have?
A: The patience and understanding when educating first-time consumers or folks who rarely consume.