Voyager #1 by 7Points

Voyager #1 by 7Points

Sometimes a cultivar’s name really captures its essence. Take for example, Voyager #1 by 7 Points Oregon. This dense crystalline bud delivers with verve. Think barnstormer, jet-setter, and adventurer. This is no armchair trip.

To the nose, this terpinolene-leading flower seduces with a citrus tang. I vaporized this flower with an Arizer Solo set at 330 degrees and taken up to 380 degrees for a duration of 10 minutes. This bud unfolded with flavors of limeade and a chaser of cream soda, leaving a candy-like taste on my lips. Yum.

I set aside an ample afternoon to appreciate this Clean Green Certified trip. I suspected that a flower with a 27% THC concentration would take me on a far away adventure. Manageable and cerebrally-charged energy surged with remarkable clarity and focus. Motivated to make the most of it, I prepped quickly and headed out for a walk to the gym where I had a particularly hyper-focused workout. Afterwards, I headed home, then went shopping to get dinner supplies together and prepared for my evening. It was a productive day of “go-mode.”

All in all, colors seemed brighter, the air felt cooler, and time flew. A floating sensation ran though all my activities and a caffeine-like alertness kept me goal-oriented, continuing well into the evening – even after the high had faded. Ah, what a voyage. May you find new paths on your own adventure with this flower.

*for more: a bit o’ history.