Pinene: A Breath of Fresh Air


Pinene: A Breath of Fresh Air

Oregon wouldn’t be Oregon without our state tree, the Douglas Fir. And a Doug Fir wouldn’t be a Doug Fir without pinene. From evergreen trees to candles and familiar herbs, pinene is a common terpene found as much in our everyday lives as it tends to be in many of our favorite cannabis chemovars (Jack Herer, Blue Dream, OG Kush, etc).

Pinene is a powerful anti-inflamatory, and helps to improve air flow to our lungs as a bronchiodialator. It has also been proven to aid in memory retention by curbing the short-term memory loss that may occur when consuming significant amounts of THC. It supports the modulation of our brain’s GABA receptors, the neurotransmitters in our central nervous system that contribute to our motor control and vision. And in general, it just makes us feel good by enhancing our alertness, focus, and positive energy.

Take advantage of the natural abundance of this essential oil and its potential to instantly invigorate and boost your mood! Warm up with some hot tea spiced with a handful of pine needles or springs of rosemary or sage. Splurge on some pine nuts to add to your favorite pasta or pesto recipe. Or opt outside for a break from the hustle and bustle to enjoy a hike among the conifers. And of course, come into Farma for some pinene-rich cannabis to help you enjoy any or all of the above!


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