Online gambling now Reaches the E-Sport Sector

Online gambling now Reaches the E-Sport Sector


A Brief History of E-Sport

Along with the development of technology and the Internet all aspects of the industry experienced its impact, in the past game play was only limited to games played on consoles and handheld games such as: playstation, Nintendo, Xbox and other consoles. Then proceed with the development of games that can be played on a computer or PC starting from the Offline game slowly but surely, games now often played online. The development of online games has also developed from a PC and can now be played on smartphones with impressive graphics. This has led to the idea of ​​making E-Sport, a concept where a number of players are gathered to compete with each other in an online game, and from the competition a team of champions and individual champions will be obtained. click to read more Generally the games that are contested are those of the Moba genre, FPS, Survival and Fighting because the games with the genre are the most competitive and feel exciting when played in teams.

The Type of E-Sport Included in the Online Gambling Game

Unlike the usual Online Gambling games, the Online betting system on E-Sport is divided into 2 namely Per to Per bets or commonly known as live betting and booking bets. Between these two types of bets generally the players prefer to bet with the type of booking because this bet does not require you to wait until the game ends but if you are a typical bettor who likes to watch first hand the team of your choice is competing then the Per to Per bet type is your choice because this type of betting provides a unique facility where you can watch live matches, this can provide a special excitement and unique experience than you have to get bored waiting for the match to end. Generally the E-Sport game that is made Online Gambling by severe bettors is: Dota 2, LOL (League of Legend), CS-GO. Because all three of these games have a large fanbase in the world of online gaming.

As for other types of bets found on E-Sport Online Gambling such as Money Line and Handicap. Money line bets can be won if you guess correctly which team will be the winner while handicap bets are more or less the same as bets found in other online gambling games, where the seeded team will give voor or certain advantages for the team which is considered weaker.