Meet the Mothership: Prūf Cultivar

Meet the Mothership: Prūf Cultivar

Remember how we said that no batch of Blue Dream turns out exactly the same? Well, Prūf Cultivar is challenging that notion in a big way.

Prūf is on a mission to get each and every batch as close as chemically possible to its optimal expression– every single time. With innovative technology, decades of combined experience, and a wizard at its helm, Prūf is closer to cracking the chemotype code than anyone else in the game.



Part science experiment, part spaceship, Prūf Cultivar is something from the future. Launched in 2016 in Portland, OR, the indoor facility combines state-of-the-art technology and pioneering science that are changing the landscape of cannabis horticulture. Quite literally– the place looks nothing like a farm. 10,000 square feet of canopy space is housed within an enormous, impeccably (re)designed, energy-efficient warehouse (read: lab-yrinth) with touch-screen monitors aplenty and even a robot named Clarence to help out.



You might recognize Jeremy Plumb as one of Farma’s OG founders. These days he’s heading Prūf’s operation as their director of production science. As both a collector and producer since the early 2000’s, Plumb is passionate about toppling one of the central legacies of cannabis prohibition; that is, the paradigm of high-THC (Type-1), myrcene-dominant strains (think stoney baloney, “couch lock” effects). The goal is to increase the availability of more nuanced chemistry and effects; that is, less common and potentially more medically valuable combinations of terpenes (like beta-caryophyllene, linalool, limonene, terpinolene and pinene), THC:CBD ratios, and minor cannabinoids (like CBG, CBC, and THCV).

Plumb collaborates with a crew of multi-talented specialists from diverse fields– from operations to plant biology to horticulture. The team monitors and ensures proper care for each and every plant, as well as meticulously documents and analyzes every single step of the process– from seed to package.



Environment Control

Nutrition, light, temperature, humidity, ventilation, carbon-dioxide density, harvest timing– these are all factors that can alter the chemical expression of a plant. Prūf’s NASA-like systems are able to precisely control for these variables with the touch of a screen; effectively making every room a custom-made ecosystem for each cultivar– at each stage of plant development.

In every room there is a veritable orchestra of high-tech gadgets at work to make this level of control possible: smart sensors, custom HVAC systems, custom irrigation, temperature and humidity controls, and wavelength-adjustable LED lights. Everything is calculated; from the speed and direction of the airflow to the spacing between plants and the size of their pots.

Innovation Lab

Prohibition- era practices have wiped out innumerable varietals of the cannabis plant, through generations of underground breeding aimed at maximizing THC– at the expense of more robust terpene and cannabinoid profiles. At Prūf, chemical diversity is making a comeback. Last fall, their R&D team launched an extensive 1000-seed genotype discovery program to unearth new genetics and produce exciting, original hybrids. The ultimate goal is to create, replicate, and preserve diverse chemical profiles to address diverse medical needs.

Stay tuned for unique, never-before-seen cultivars– on the shelves now and more coming soon.


The facility is Clean Green Certified, meaning it uses all natural inputs and operates sustainably top-to-bottom. It also uses a novel pathogen control method– the precise application of heat and humidity– that has eliminated the need for chemical pesticides altogether.

Beyond its certification, Prūf was designed with energy-efficiency in mind. Custom-designed HVAC and irrigation systems make their carbon footprint one of the lowest in Portland’s industrial zone.



Flower- Diverse, consistent, terpene-tested flower, every time. Explore original varietals like Goat Blocks or Blueberry Sorbet, which feature terpinolene-dominant profiles bolstered by a host of minor terps for an approachable, clear headed buzz.

Concentrates- Distillate CO2 cartridges come in half and full gram sizes for $24 and $45 a pop. Sourced from some of Prūf’s best-selling cultivars like Astral Works, Grape Krush, and Tangie Biscotti.

Edibles Prūf supplies high quality concentrates for three edible lines, in collaboration with our friends at Serra and some of Portland’s favorite local brands: Woodblock, Stumptown, and Jacobsen Salt Co. Check out their gumdrop line, chocolates, and recently released caramel line.