Jeremy Plumb to Speak at TechFestNW

jeremy plumb

Jeremy Plumb to Speak at TechFestNW

In preparation for his appearance at this month’s TechFestNW (March 23-24), the Willamette Weekly spoke to Jeremy Plumb to get a preview of what he will address during the two-day conference.

Jeremy’s presentation, on Friday the 24th at 11:15 AM, will highlight the unique position that the cannabis industry currently holds. The position is one of a lever, so to speak, by which agricultural technology at-large can be tipped into a world of greener, more sustainable, and more productive growing methods.

There are currently copious amounts of interest and investment being directed towards new, evidence-based cannabis technologies and practices. Focused correctly, this moment in time could be the impetus that shifts the whole of agriculture toward a healthier, more earth-friendly model, without any loss of quality.

Jeremy Plumb is not only talking the talk, but walking the walk. His state of the art growing facility, Newcleus Nurseries, is in progress and will become a educational campus designed for a touring public, while housing a working cannabis farm and a revolutionary genomics laboratory.

This project will allow Jeremy to demonstrate working methods of innovative plant technology, rather than just theorize about practical application. Thus, it will be one of a kind in its educational as well as groundbreaking scientific functions.


Until the facility is completed, the most complete vision of Newcleus and of cannabis’s potential impact on agriculture can only come from Jeremy Plumb himself. Tickets to hear him speak are available through