Hifi Farms Featured In Esquire

hifi farms

Hifi Farms Featured In Esquire

We are so happy to see our friends at HiFi Farms getting the recognition they deserve in this fantastic piece by Esquire magazine.

Though we have long known about HiFi’s commitment to growing stellar cannabis, even we learned a few things about of how this group of entrepreneurs came to be. They began as business partners growing cannabis as a way to fund their musical enterprises. Their priorities began to shift as prohibitive regulations on cannabis finally began to loosen up across the nation.

After heeding the signs and moving to Oregon, their botanical ventures really began to blossom with the (legal) establishment of HiFi Farms, and the operation’s subsequent success. A combination of business acumen, well-tested growing practices, and a strong identity grounded in the relationship between “music and weed” have allowed HiFi to toe the line between successful corporate entity and thoughtfully sophisticated artisans.

Needless to say, Hifi has had Farma’s approval for quite some time. Esquire even took a quote from our co-founder Sam Heywood to help explain exactly why Hifi’s cannabis always makes the cut.

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