Farma Giving Guide

Farma Giving Guide

‘Tis the season for gift guides, and while that feels a bit generic for our favorite plant, we know purchasing cannabis for someone else can be tough.  So here’s a couple tips for those of you thinking about wrapping up any reefer for those age 21+ folks on your list this year.

Short on time and just want the answer?  Don’t worry… we got you too. Feel free to jump ahead to our 2018 Farma Gift Guide below!



How to Buy Weed for Someone Else.

Remember, they’re not you. Unless you know your Secret Santa in a  Snoop Dogg / Martha Stewart kinda way, don’t assume you know what they like or can handle.  

Do some ReCon. Ask questions. Write down the answers and, if you’re comfortable, bring them to your budtender. Together, we can help you get all the perfect “trees” for under your Tree. New to cannabis yourself?  Start here for a primer on dosing.


  • What’s their tolerance? – Even though overindulgence is the jam this time of year, when it comes to dosing cannabis, any seasoned smoker will tell you, more isn’t always better.  Before purchasing for someone else, get an idea of how much they consume at a given time. You might get an answer in grams, THC %, or even milligrams. You’ll want to select something your person can dose to match their individual tolerance.  


  • What kind of high? – Some folks prefer an energetic high, while others are looking for something more chill.  Sometimes folks identify with “Sativa” or “Indica”.   You might hear they prefer a “Head High” over a “Body High”.  A good portion of people are curious about cannabis for pain relief, anxiety relief or sleep aids but want to avoid the high altogether.  Cannabis can produce a variety of effects and there are options for everyone.


  • Preferred method? – Now that you know how they like to feel, and how much they like to consume, the only thing left to choose is what form you’d like to wrap up.  Topicals won’t have any psychoactive effect.  If you’re thinking edibles, be considerate of food allergies and dietary restrictions.  For a truly customizable gift, flower will offer the most variety and nuanced options.


2018 Farma Gift Guide

*** To reiterate, it’s illegal to give anyone under 21 cannabis. Be responsible.  Keep any gifts given far out of reach of anyone too young to consume. Use the same common sense you would with alcohol.

If you do give cannabis to someone, inform them about what it is and how to use it.  No slipping grandma a CBD mint without telling her first. If you’re trying to open someone’s mind to cannabis with your gift, take responsibility for informing them as well.  Stop the reefer madness and start up a conversation.


The Connoisseur

Evolvd CO2 cartridges.  Whole plant extracts in either Raw or Terpene steeped blends.  Great for a more discreet, portable option that offers the immediacy of flower without the combustion and lingering scent.

Little Garage Shop smoking accessories.  Handmade ceramic pipes, stash boxes, and ashtrays.  All produced locally in Portland with impeccable attention to detail.


The Fam

Wyld Pomegranate 1:1 Gummies.  There are 10 gummies in each box.  Each will have about 5mg of both CBD and THC. These are super easy to tear in half for those in your fam that wanna try,  but prefer a smaller dose. With their 1:1 ratio (THC:CBD), these gummies tend to have a lighter high well tolerated by most folks.

Lux Almond Butter.  50mg of THC for the jar, or about 5mg per thin layer spread on some extra festive holiday morning toast.  Or perfectly paired with that highly colored but slightly flavorless holiday cutout cookie? You know the one.


The Local-voir

Any Flower.  Federal Criminalization has a silver lining.  Because it can’t cross state lines, all cannabis purchased in Oregon starts on an Oregon farm.  We have some beautiful local farms committed to our community and sustainable, organic cannabis.   Look for flower with Dragon Earth Medicine (DEM), Certified Kind, or Clean Green Certified flower for that true Portland touch.

Woodblock + Stumptown Chocolate by Serra.  Made with Pruf Cultivar’s Astral Works 2:1 (CBD:THC) flower.  As local, delicious, and festive as you can get.


Your Friend who Smokes All Day

Herban Tribe’s fresh-pressed orange juice.  It’s potent and bright.  Just like legit morning OJ, but way more medicated.  Note: fresh pressed means Fresh.  This gift will need a refrigerator situation up until party night.

Junk Marshmallow Bon-Bons.  These bon bons are a 2:3 product (THC:CBD) and insanely delicious.  All vegan marshmallows with dark chocolate and sea salt on top.  Super fun way to give a new experience to someone if they’re used to only THC all day every day.


Your Friend who has Never Smoked

Leif Goods CBD Salted Chocolate bar.  Dark vegan chocolate with ~11 mg CBD and only 0.5mg THC per square.  A great non intoxicating intro to cannabis and the benefits of CBD.

Flower, VERY CAREFULLY chosen.  Opening people’s mind to cannabis is amazing. But it takes the right strain.  Pick something fun. A nice Blue Dream or Tropicanna Cookies perhaps? Remember, if they’ve never smoked, they probably don’t have a pipe.. or papers.. or a lighter.  Don’t forget to bring or include the essentials.


Stocking Stuffers and Party Favors

PreRolls.  Easy to share, lots of options, nothing to mess with. Remember, folks prefer a variety of effects, so bring options.  Don’t forget the matches!

Mr Moxy’s CBD Ginger or Peppermints.  These are a 1:5 ratio (THC:CBD).  Great for pain, anxiety, and holiday party hangovers.




So there you have it.  Ours favorite things to share this season!  Please enjoy and give responsibly. And from our family to yours:  Have very Happy Holidays!