Faces of Farma

faces of farma

Faces of Farma

“I was working in an industry at the time where I couldn’t talk about it. I worked in aircraft repair, and I actually ran a drug and alcohol program. I left that job when I was diagnosed with cancer. It was really intense, it was a whole other life that I probably shouldn’t have been living for 15 years. I had somewhat of a nervous breakdown, you know, PTSD from going through all those treatments, and I was in treatments for a full year. So my relationship with cannabis expanded, being able to go to a dispensary and not have that stigma around, not having to hide it. I can’t take painkillers. I can’t keep them down and they don’t affect my pain, they actually increase my sensitivity to pain. In some ways, cannabis really empowered me to take charge of my own healthcare and my own pain management, without having to take all the pharmaceuticals, just hundreds and hundreds of pills that I just had lying around. My body doesn’t even tolerate alcohol that much, so this is my thing. And this place, the people that work here, the focus, the beauty, it just became a haven for me.”



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