Consider becoming a member of the Oregon Cannabis Association

If you are involved in the Oregon Cannabis movement in any way, or simply care about the direction of policy as the new industry takes shape, consider becoming a member of the Oregon Cannabis Association. It’s the largest trade association in the state. There are now chapters in North, South and middle Oregon. OCA has been hosting unique educational events and helping provide a touchstone for the often confusing and complicated process of bringing this great new craft industry to our state. As well as being consistently involved in Salem, this summer, OCA sent the first 26 person cannabis lobbying team to Capitol Hill. We provided detailed education about the nature and needs of the growing industry to many senators, congresspeople and staffers involved at the federal level. We are going back in October for a second round.
Please consider joining and lending support, there’s a lot of work to do as we attempt to achieve the best outcomes for our state. The added bonus is that there’s a lot of really interesting people and despite the monumental work load, it’s been a great ride!


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