Building a bridge between two research communities

I’d like you to meet a friend and Farma ally, Lauren Silberman of Sequoia Resources International (SRI). She comes from a background of arts management, organizational development, event coordination as well as digital communication. I first met Lauren through our friends at Green Valley Wellness in Talent, OR where she was helping with organizational development. Lauren founded SRI in order to build diverse teams so that we can leverage resources for our cannabis community. As someone with family and experience in Israel and Oregon, Lauren is a unique resource. As of now, we’ve already met with an incredible array of experienced professionals in the Israeli therapeutic research community. In addition to coordinating our meetings and this trip, Farma will be working together with Lauren to produce a new kind of cannabis event in Portland, in November. An adult, ecological tasteful alternative to other cannabis judging events that we will be announcing soon.
I’d also like to introduce you to one of my new favorite people, Erez. He’s just received a U.S. visa, so expect to find him Portland sometime soon, if you are lucky. He’s our resident translator, driver, firm negotiator and source of endless amusement on this trip. Without him, this would all be impossible. We’ve all learned a great deal already!   We have meetings with a majority of the leaders of the medical cannabis Farms, and a lot of the medical cannabis research community on Israel. One thing I will say, Indians have been growing Mangoes for thousands of years, the Israelis only 50. The Indians routinely come here to learn more about how to better produce mangoes now. These people have developed amazing and novel agricultural science.
Together, we are working on building a wide bridge between our two research communities. We hope everyone will benefit.
Layla tov!


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