An Insider’s Guide to Cannabis

An Insider’s Guide to Cannabis

Join Farma and our very own mad scientist, Jeremy Plumb, as we help the folks at Newsweek discuss a menagerie of useful cannabis information. We’ll cover everything from the importance of chemotypes and different terpenes, to specific strains of cannabis that can be advantageous for treating many kinds of ailments.

For example! Have you ever been curious about the advantages of vaporizing cannabis versus smoking it? While traditional means of smoking cannabis allow you to take full advantage of the flower’s wide array of chemical composites, burning the herb can potentially be damaging to your lungs. Cannabis vaporizers allow you the freedom of temperature control, while circumnavigating the issue of burning the plant matter. Instead, the vaporizers evenly heat the cannabis flower, creating a nice thin vapor that is much easier on your lungs than other traditional smoking mechanisms.

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