Weedhorn Totally Gets Us

We are so thankful to Courtney Eldridge for this fantastic article in the chic, cannabis-lifestyle blog Weedhorn!

She has brought two of our core founders to life on the page like no one ever has before; reading her article feels like hanging out with them for an afternoon. Her explanation of their history, both professional and personal, has perfectly captured their intense passion for rewriting the outdated scripts that pervade cannabis culture.

Farma’s mission acknowledges the ways in which prohibition has allowed for an under-informed, binary framework of thought in the cannabis community, as well as the problematic effects stemming from this absence of knowledge.

It is the re-education and breaking of these stereotypes which informs our stores minimalist design, extensive staff training, and the cultivar-specific, effects-based system by which we classify our cannabis flower.

In this beautiful exposition of Farma’s creation, it’s obvious that Courtney has not missed one iota of the vision that is at the core of everything we do.