Cannabis Science

Cannabis is modern medicine

Here we are, more than 10,000 years after humans started using cannabis, and we’re witnessing a convergence. With the veil of prohibition finally being lifted, botany, genetics and analytics can come together for the first time and carry cannabis forward. While the excitement and romance this plant represents can never disappear, the idea that cannabis has unknowable properties must be discarded.

Cannabis is modern medicine. It is rich in chemical compounds with measurable, testable therapeutic applications. For Farma, this new paradigm presents amazing opportunities and unique challenges, but the goal remains simple: to put patients in control.

We Take The Highest Care

Farma is committed to an evidence-based approach to cannabis. Among other things, this means subjecting all of our medicine to rigorous lab testing, well beyond anything the law requires. We work with an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified Oregon laboratory that tests not only for pesticides, mold and mildew, but for all of the known therapeutic compounds found in the cannabis plant – including dozens of active cannabinoids and therapeutic terpenes. While not inexpensive, the insight we gain from this data is invaluable.

Technology Meets Botany

Farma is also exploring new avenues of scientific inquiry. For instance, we are assisting Phylos Bioscience in their extraordinary efforts to apply modern molecular genetics to cannabis. Additionally, Farma is working together with plant pathologists and botanists at Newcleus Nurseries to solve some of the vexing pest and pathology issues that have emerged in recent years.

Beyond that, we are working with subcritical CO2 extraction using Eden Laboratories equipment to make whole-plant cannabis concentrates that are titrated, predictable, and free of harmful solvents. The future, in other words, is bright – for cannabis and for patients.